Behind the scenes

It’s been quiet around the page for a while, but work continues behind the scenes.

Mass will be celebrated for the intentions of B4M.  Prayer warriors are being enlisted.  Hours of Eucharistic Adoration are beginning…

We are considering the Thomas More Society (TMS) as a potential beneficiary of any funds raised by B4M (over and above the actual costs of the pilgrimage itself).  It seems most fitting, not only for the work that TMS does, but also because our journey begins on the vigil of the feast of Saint Thomas More (a martyr who gave up his life for the truth of marriage).  Chris and I will be headed to Chicago at the end of August to finally meet the face behind the voice I’ve been hearing on the phone.

By God’s amazing grace, we have a logo that is almost complete…

Artwork by Adam Olson

Artwork by Adam Olson

Even as the artist continues his work, we’ve begun designing business cards and other promotional material.  (Please pray that we will find a printer with a heart that is open to take on this project.)

Oh, and did I mention that we made the papers (well…  one paper 😉 ) already??  You can read the story here.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Chris (and “Bike to Mary“) for inviting me to take part in that interview and for introducing B4M to the diocese!

It seems that God is continuing to provide at every turn, ideas that we never could have imagined on our own.  (I hope to share more about this soon.)

Our first real organizational meeting is less than a week away.  Please pray for us…

God’s will be done.

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